What to do if your lawyer is not being helpful to you?

If you have not done your homework on the tips to hire the best lawyer and you have not known the tricks to go for the most appropriate one, then the chances for you to land with a bad lawyer are pretty high.

And there are a lot of signs that show that as well. if your lawyer is not taking your calls if your lawyer is unable to move forward in your case or otherwise he is showing cold responses to you and your case has ceased from moving forward, then this would mean that your lawyer is a bad one and you need to do something to fix it up.

But what needs to be done to get rid of a bad lawyer or to make him do his job rightfully?

Well, there are a lot of ways in which you can respond to a bad lawyer. Take a look at the list that follows and know for yourself.

  • The first thing is the simplest yet the best for any relationship. Ask questions and communicate effectively with the lawyer. Ask him what the problem is and why there has been a hold on the whole thing. If the answers make any sense, try to clear them out else, move on to the further steps.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable with the ways of your lawyer, try taking a second opinion and ask another lawyer what he thinks about the whole situation and how he takes the case. This will give you an idea of whether your lawyer was right or he was just being bad.
  • Now that you are not satisfied with your lawyer, try to get your things back from him. And for that, the most important thing to do is to request your file from the lawyer and get back everything with it. leaving the evidence and photos would not be wise at all if you are not satisfied with your lawyer.
  • If things seem to go out of hand, fire the lawyer based on the conflict and complaints that you had with the lawyer in your case.
  • Last but not least, file a legal complaint against the lawyer who has been giving you a hard time with your case.

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